Each love story is different. As our own love story has developed, I’ve come to realize what a miracle love is. How is that two people, with different backgrounds and paths in life, meet and “decide” they’re in love? When do you know that you are, in fact, what ‘they’ call “in love”?

These were all questions I had before I met ‘the one’.  I went on a date with a nice, attractive guy, and all the sudden I had this FEELING. It was in my chest…it wouldn’t leave. I didn’t even want to eat, and could barely sleep. When I told my mom about this, she just smiled at me knowingly.

Shortly after this, one summer night, T and I were standing on my parents’ driveway attempting to say goodnight. When I tried to describe to him what I was feeling. I told him “it’s like there’s a helium balloon captured in my chest”.

That’s when I knew I was in love.

Sherwood Wedding_0153
Like I said, each love story is different. Looking back, I know that we were led to each other at the exact right moment. The moment we were both ready to have our lives changed forever. Now, here we are newly married and starting the adventure we didn’t know we had been waiting for.

We want to use this little corner of the inter-webs to share our love story. It is likely that we’ll mostly share it with our moms, but my hope is someday when our little offspring are using their high tech space suits to beam from place to place throughout the universe, they’ll find this little corner and read a little of their parents’ love story, and remember what is important and what this life is for.

Remember to find the person that makes you float, and then spend the rest of your lives helping one another stay afloat.


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