IMG_2210Growing up in interior British Columbia pretty much guarantees you’re a lake person. Life here slows down a little every time temperatures reach 30 degrees celsius and everyone runs for the water. My grandparents have a cabin on a lake and the highlight of every summer was spending time out there. Husband’s family also spends a lot of time out on the water, and already this summer we’ve had the chance to go out a couple times with them.

Yesterday was beautiful. This picture was taken around 7pm when it was still warm enough to be out playing in the lake. After watching the kids go for a ride on the tube, T just couldn’t resist giving it a whirl with his younger brother. Watching them out there felt like I was watching a battle between man and nature. The water seemed determined to show these guys who was boss. Although I caught this shot just as nature claimed it’s victory, T and his brother certainly earn some credit for staying on so long.

There’s something so satisfying about coming home at the end of the day with newly acquired freckles and tan lines. T teases me about how much I love the sun, but after days like this, who could feel any other way. I love these sun kissed days!


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