My personal cheerleader

IMG_2232Yesterday I did something really dumb. It was an accident I swear…but that doesn’t make it any less dumb.

I hit a parked car.

And in case you’re thinking ‘oh that kind of thing happens’…this is the second accident in my life involving a parked car. Last time I was 17 with a brand new driver’s license and it was snowing…this time it was a bright summer day and I’m 24….no excuses.

I went to visit my family for the day while T was working and stopped at a store on the way into town. Well, I attempted to stop at the store. I pulled into the parking stall and rubbed bumpers with the car next to me. If only bumpers worked the way they do at carnivals…we could all just tap each other’s cars, smile, wave, and drive away!

But no, this time I hit a bumper and definitely left a little trace of my car’s black paint on this car’s gold color. The worst part was that by the time I got out of my car there was some lady up in my face about how she was a witness and I better not drive away. I had no intentions of just driving away, but for some reason her accusatory tone just made me all teary and defensive.

By the time I called T to ask him what information I needed to leave with the car I was pretty upset. I was definitely in tears and gasping while trying to explain what happened.

Let me tell you about one think I love about my husband. His ability to stay calm. Seriously, where I get all panicky and imagine the worst is about to happen, he just smiles and tells me it will all work out. So when I called him, rather than freak out and tell me what an idiot I am (my imagined scenario) he just told me that these things happen all the time and everything will work out. He stayed on the phone with me until I calmed down, and then talked me through taking pictures of the damage and leaving my information with the damaged car.

When I got home that night I thought by now it would have sunk in for him and surely he would have realized how silly this little crash was. But no, he was just waiting to take me in his arms and make sure I was ok. He reassured me again that we would take care of everything and it really wasn’t a big deal.

I don’t really know what I expected from a husband in this kind of situation. Maybe I expected more of a parental treatment, complete with the ‘I’m disappointed but grateful you’re safe’ kind of look. Instead I just received love and snuggles. I know being married for just shy of two months still makes us very naive to this whole thing, but so far I find being married pretty dang wonderful.

I’m so grateful to have this man in my life who still thinks the best of me and roots for me even when I’m in the wrong. This accident was 100% my fault and 100% preventable, but rather than make me feel worse than I already do, he has simply shown me love. See why I think he’s perfect??

One thought on “My personal cheerleader

  1. Your experience with the car accident so reminded me of my first in Vancouver & was on my way way to the church’s welfare store to work and I sideswiped a very nice sports car that was parked at the curb (dumb me..I thought I had enough space to squeeze between a lineup of traffic at a traffic light & this parked car. I was absolutely sick about it & was walking down the street asking in stores & business’s if anyone owned this yellow sports car…couldn’t find the owner so I left my name and phone number on the windshield….Tanner’s Grandpa, consoled me & was so understanding & took care of the whole problem. I, like you, thought I was in for it but he was very patient and caring.

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