I remember a book in my parent’s bookshelf when I was a child called ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’. I remember thinking it was a funny title, but last week I think Tanner and I learned a little bit where that title came from. I’ve noticed that when he’s in a bad mood, it really effects me. I assume it’s my fault, and I get down trying remember all the things I did that could cause his grumpiness.  However, when I’m in a bad mood, he’s amazing at being all cheery like and doing everything possible to make me smile. He assumes that whatever got me down is out of his control, but he can try and make me feel better. I take all the blame, and he doesn’t take any.

We were driving and discussed that we both have noticed this. Well, later we just happened to listen to another couple discuss this exact same phenomenon. We then realized that maybe this isn’t an ‘us’ thing, rather it’s a ‘difference between men and women’ kind of thing. Maybe someday after 50 years of marriage or something we’ll learn how to balance each other out, but right now we’re just both at the extreme ends of the spectrum.

And I kind of like it that way 🙂 I love how kind and sweet my dear husband is when I have a rough day. I love how gentle he is with me and how hard he works to make me smile again. We received all sorts of advice at our wedding. At times people made marriage sound quite scary. And while this marriage thing is definitely  a learning experience, but so far it’s the best experience of my life.

I love this handsome husband of mine and I’m so grateful for all that he teaches me every day.


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