When I was 13 years old my aunt got married. She was 24. In my mind she was the most beautiful, perfect bride. Her and my new uncle were the perfect couple, everyone could tell how in love they were. For some reason I then decided that I too would get married at 24. While now I realize you can’t in fact actually plan something like that, it’s how it worked out! This past year has been a crazy one. So many life milestones were passed. The first part of the year I was in Rexburg finishing my last semester of classes. I roomed with some amazing girls, fell in love with Tanner through Skype sessions every night, survived the hardest semester of school, and managed to enjoy the last fun bits of college life. As well, T and I talked about getting married, and he was looking for a ring!

Christmas came and T proposed! It was one of my favorite moments of my life to date. After a blissful couple weeks together, I had to head to Boise to complete my student teaching. I spent the semester balancing wedding planning and finishing my degree. Well, in-between pining after Tanner and missing him like crazy. He visited me once in Boise and I went home for Spring Break, but other than that we relied on Skype, texting, Snapchat, and FaceTime to stay in touch. I traveled to Utah several times for wedding dress shopping and a bridal shower. My sister Shannon and my best friend Lindsay helped me through all the craziness. AND my brother came home from his LDS mission.

After what felt like the longest winter of my life, I graduated! It was so amazing to walk across that stage and finally receive a degree after years and years of work. I saw my brother for the first time in 3 1/2 years, and I moved back to Canada…for good!

After 3 crazy weeks of last minute wedding planning…we got married! I can honestly say, it was the best day of my life. I love Tanner so much, and we were SO ready to finally seal the deal!

And since that lovely day I’ve been living on cloud nine with my soulmate. This year has brought so many changes and adjustments. I started in Rexburg, moved on to Boise, and came home to Canada. I started and survived the hardest year of school, graduated, and certified as a teacher. Tanner and I started off in long distance, fell ridiculously in love, got engaged, and were married for all time and eternity.

Tomorrow I leave 24 behind, and become a quarter of a century old (why does 25 feel SO much older?), but I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store!

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