The whole fam-damily

SMITH FAMILY 2014_0160 I graduated high school in 2007, and moved away to university in 2008. Since then I’ve called Idaho, Florida, Israel, France, Belgium, and Utah my home. I’m so grateful for the the opportunities I’ve had to travel the world, meet so many dear friends, and expand my understanding of the world. I gave up a long time ago on ever moving home. I thought it would have to be a pure miracle to meet someone who would want to live in BC with me. Not because BC isn’t wonderful, because it is! But it’s an expensive place to live and jobs are hard to find. Last summer, God answered my prayers and found a way for me to fall completely head-over-heels in love, and move home. It worked out better than I ever could have planned. Now I get to be around my family more than I have in 7 years, call beautiful British Columbia home again, and be married to someone who’s family is from here and loves this place as much as do. I still can’t believe how perfectly it worked out. Recently we had our family pictures taken while my brother and sister were home for the summer from their galavanting around the world.Here’s a peak at my beautiful family in 2014. Don’t I have the prettiest sisters, handsome brother, and good-looking (young) parents? SMITH FAMILY 2014_0023

SMITH FAMILY 2014_0009

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