Canadian Thanksgiving// 2014

IMG_2828For those of you who don’t know, there’s a big difference between Canadian and American Thanksgiving. Growing up, my family totally double-dipped in the holiday world and celebrated both. Attending university in the states, I’d round up my fellow Canadian students and we’d celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with a potluck dinner. This year, maybe I’ll have to coordinate my own little American Thanksgiving?!

Back to my point, although the food-spread for American and Canadian Thanksgivings are on par, pretty much everything else is different. Sorry fellow Canucks, but you don’t know Thanksgiving until you’ve experienced it the American way. Thanksgiving is crazy in the states. It starts on Thursday and lasts all the way through the weekend. I’m pretty sure black Friday is infamous enough I don’t need to describe it. The rest of the weekend is full of enjoying time with family and gearing up for the Christmas season.

Canadian Thanksgiving still celebrates our many blessings, but the celebration just isn’t the same. Sure family and friends gather to eat great food, but then Thanksgiving Day is hardly different than any other long weekend. Imagine my surprise when one of my tutoring appointments called to confirm for Monday, I just assumed it was a holiday…but you know what they say about assuming…

Either way, this weekend was great for seeing family and celebrating all that we are blessed with. Each day I’m grateful for all that life has given me this year. A wonderful family, a loving husband, a wonderful new (in-law) family, a cozy home, health, knowledge of my Savior Jesus Christ, and faith in His gospel. I’m amazed with this wonderful life I’ve been given. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair when I compare my life with the many tragedies that occur each day in the world. I’ve been blessed to grow up in not one, but two countries which are blessed with prosperity and peace. I live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, and have been given the opportunity to receive higher education. I could go on and on, but my point is that whether I’m in the US or Canada, I’m grateful that this time of year allows me to reflect and recognize all I’ve been blessed with.

I also feel that whether you’re in Canada or in the States, Thanksgiving signals the start of the Christmas season…so bring on the Christmas music!


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