IMG_2929Saturday has always been one of my favorite days. As a student, I remember feeling conflicted because I was brain dead after a week of going, going and going and I had a huge list of things to do for the coming week. I battled between recovering and getting ahead. Now I’ve graduated, but T is still in school and faces this battle every week. Sometimes I’m the angel on his shoulder encouraging him to do school work….sometimes…I’m not.

This week, he needed a break. So we took it. We went out for lunch and then drove out to a lookout over Kamloops Lake. This lake is huge and basically untouched. Rumor has it years ago there was a factory on the lake shore that dumped some chemicals into the lake, and even though now the lake is clean, the urban legends of three-eyed fish have kept the lake untouched.


We drove out and hiked around to a spot where T had gone rock climbing before. Besides the fact that we enjoyed the precious few hours of daylight around lately, it was great to see T out and adventuring again. He’s been very limited since he hurt his knee at the beginning of September.

We enjoyed the serenity of being away from the town and basically any form of civilization…we watched deer wander through the field below us, observed a big bird circling it’s prey, and enjoyed noticing beauty, even in all the death that comes with the beginning of winter. Hopefully it was relaxing enough T can survive another week at school…

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