Tranquille Beach// Fall 2014


IMG_2981IMG_2980With it getting dark earlier and earlier every day, my sunshine-addicted personality is getting pretty desperate to find time when I can soak up some rays. The heaven’s aligned for us, and the sun came out on Remembrance Day. Meaning that despite the fact that the temperature was dangerously near 0°c, we couldn’t help but take advantage of this rare sunny day and went to a local beach to play.

I haven’t been out to this beach before, but it was totally T’s natural environment. He loves anything involving low-risk exploring (still nursing that knee…) such as balancing on logs to cross the river and jumping from fallen tree to fallen tree. Despite turning 25 this past week, he’s still a boy at heart. Look at that happy face…



The orange leaves everywhere warm my heart, even thought the sun couldn’t manage to keep our fingers and noses warm. I’m just trying to soak up these fall days before the snow kicks in…


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