Bastille Concert// 2014

IMG_3116_2Sometimes I like to think we’re wild and crazy teenagers that can be spontaneous and do whatever the heck we want. But then I realize that we’re just wild and crazy adults that can actually do whatever the heck we want-because we are adults and unless it’s unethical or illegal there aren’t any negative consequences. (example, I no longer get grounded for being out past midnight…although now I don’t really have the desire to be out that late so a lot of good that freedom is…)

ANYWAYS…I bought tickets for T’s birthday to a concert in Vancouver. The concert was supposed to be on a Friday night, so I figured we could make a little weekend trip out of it. But then the band moved the concert to a Monday. The venue offered a refund, but T and I remembered we’re wild and crazy full-grown adults and decided to make it work. We drove down Monday afternoon, ate dinner, stood in the rain with all the teens waiting to get in, rocked our little hearts out, and then woke up at 5:30 the next morning and drove back so Tanner could be back for classes the next day 🙂

So for memories sake, here’s a little summary of our first concert:

  • When: Nov. 24, 2014 (also happens to be our 6-month anniversary..yay us!)
  • Where: PNE Forum, Vancouver
  • Opening band: Grizfolk (we consider ourselves their 2 newest fans)
  • Main band: Bastille
  • Favorite part: They had a pretty awesome light-show going on…pictures never do it justice, ALSO it was a pretty small concert, and I liked the fact that I could stand there without getting trampled on

Oh and there was this little magical moment where everyone pulled out their phones….

IMG_3110_2I enjoyed the excuse to be wild and crazy with husband…even if meant being grown up and driving back at 5:30 the next morning…


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