Dear Mr. November,

IMG_3166I’ve never had any particularly warm and fuzzy feelings about November. In my opinion, it just gets in the way of the start of the Christmas season. Also, it’s still fall, yet it gets just cold enough to make you miserable…and make you realize there are still 4-ish more months of miserableness AFTER you survive the month.

This year however, I’ve appreciated you a little more Mr. November. Although you’ve blustered through with some pretty nasty winds, it’s been alright. I won’t lie and say I’m not super excited to move on to December and finally be allowed to spread Christmas cheer without shame, but maybe I won’t give you such a hard time when you come around next year.

Thanks for the memories…

IMG_2917_2Thanks for eerily, beautiful foggy days,

for date nights with husband,


for crafternoons with my mom (you can’t suppress our holiday spirit for very long…),


and the start of building new traditions for our little family; like going to the local Christmas tree farm and picking out and cutting down our own little tree.

Yup November, it’s been a good one. Till 2015….

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