Christmas with the Smiths// 2014

It’s funny how quickly Christmas passes…the build up lasts for a month (or more 😉 ) and then suddenly the presents are all unwrapped, your 5 lbs. heavier, and it’s over. So much effort for one day. You know when you’re a kid and wish that every day could be Christmas? I’m convinced that would be every mother’s nightmare considering how much effort goes into making Christmas so amazing…

Anyways, our Christmas was wonderful and magical. Here are the top 5 things I’ll remember from this Christmas:

1. This year was our first married Christmas.

I can’t believe how much has changed in one year… last year I was hinting pretty seriously what I wanted:


and I got it…


As well as passing the I’ve-been-wearing-this-ring-for-a-year milestone, this Christmas we’ve been married for a whole 7 months. It was so fun decorating our little home, filling each other’s stockings, watching Christmas movies, and learning about how one another’s families celebrate Christmas and incorporating it in our new little family.



My family has a tradition of going skiing either on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day.  With three people in university (including husband), two kids in high school, and the parents, our crazy schedules never quite match up. I’m learning as our family gets older how precious the moments are that we actually we all get to be together.

I know that we’ve only had one person join the family, but that one person made it that much more impossible for our family to fit on one chairlift. I can’t imagine what it will be like when we’re all married and schtuff



On Boxing Day this year we went snowshoeing. We didn’t get a white Christmas down in the valley by my parents’ house, so it was extra fun escaping to the whimsical world of trees covered in snow and making first tracks in the snow.

4. Reunion

It’s been 4 years since all of my siblings have been together for Christmas. Since then everyone has grown and changed a lot. Here we are in 2010:


and this year:


Besides the obvious differences like my youngest sister Kaila growing 10 feet and my sister Shannon going from blonde to brown, it’s crazy to think how much has changed in that time. I’m so proud of my siblings and the people they’re becoming.

5. A new kind of Christmas

This year was my first year that Christmas really felt different. I suppose that comes with the whole marriage package. I have a tendency to feel very nostalgic about things, like ‘my mom no longer fills my stocking’ or ‘wait Santa REALLY doesn’t come to grown-ups?”, so I expected to be a little sad . However, I felt totally the opposite. This Christmas I really felt like the biggest gift I received was time with loved ones. I was so excited to have my siblings home for Christmas and to spend extra time with everyone.

I wish I could put into words better, my heart was so full of love and warm fuzzies during this week that I can’t help but that think that maybe Christmas is even more magical for adults than it is for kids…


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