My vision for 2015

IMG_3511I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this year to be like. Last year was a pretty big year as far as checking off life-time accomplishments. A degree and a husband in one fell swoop. The dust has long settled from those big events, and I realize that this year, and every year to come, will be very different. ‘I’ will no longer be celebrated. From now on, big events in my life will be because ‘we’ did it. I feel like if Gandalf were to narrate my life he would say something like “the age of Courtney is ending, it is time for the age of the Sherwoods” (we may or may not have watched the LOTR trilogy over the break…).

THE POINT IS, the next ‘big’ event in my life will most likely involve the creation of a little person, so it really won’t be about ‘me’ at all. Until that moment comes, life is about T and I. As I think about this year, I want to make it about memory making. I don’t want to just watch this year pass by, but fill each moment with intention. We may not be passing any milestones this year; but to us, it will be a significant year.

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