The little red journal


About a year and a half ago I was going through some really tough emotional things. Someone suggested I try keeping a journal. I had tried before to keep a journal, actually for most my life I’ve tried off and on. The result has been shelves full of half-filled diaries. However, this time it became a life line for me. It was a place where I could write my worries, thoughts, and emotions without fear of judgement. Little did I know, it would also become the record of my love story.

Since I started this journal during such a tough time, I wrote some feelings and thoughts that you could say weren’t so pretty. I told myself I could always burn the journal later to prevent anyone from ever reading it, it just felt good to have a place to get everything out. A couple of months after starting this journal, I met Tanner. It soon became a very detailed and cheesy recording of me falling in love with my husband to-be.

Today I finished that journal. It felt like a momentous step. Not only have I overcome the trials that inspired me to start this journal, but my life as taken paths I could have never imagined. Meeting and marrying Tanner was not something I could have planned, yet it feels like it was planned for me.

IMG_3532Now I start a new journal. A record of many adventures to come. Again, I don’t really know what is planned for my future, but I’ve learned to have a new trust in God that there is a plan, and His plan will only bring joy.

IMG_3525So now I say goodbye to the little red journal. We’ve had our highs and lows. I will always enjoy visiting you in the future- reliving falling in love and the first few months of marriage. Thanks for taking care of my secret thoughts and being a place I could feel safe. I have a feeling your successor will do the same.

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