Little adventures

Being married has got to be one of the strangest phenomenons. You find this person…and you fall in love…and then you spend the rest of your life hanging out together. If you’re obnoxious like us and still really, really like each other, you spend your life trying to find more time to hang out. There’s never enough time!

I didn’t work this past weekend, so we decided to go on a spontaneous little road trip together to Vancouver. We just went over night, but it was so fun to get away together. Sure, we would have spent just as much time together staying home…but for some reason it’s more fun to spend time together by getting away.

We went to the LDS temple, ate lunch with T’s grandma and aunt, and went shopping downtown. On our way home we had pre-decided we wanted to stop and check out Harrison Hot Springs. We drive past the signs every time we go to Vancouver, so we thought it could be a fun way to break up the drive. I had looked around online and seen pictures like this:


Weeeelll turns out you actually have to be a guest at the resort to use THESE hot springs. By the time we got into Harrison it was pitch dark. From what we could tell it was a beautiful little town nestled in the mountains. And we think there’s a really pretty lake… We want to go back during the day sometime.

Anyways, we ended up finding the public pool/hot springs. Which were warm and wonderful, just maybe not as pretty as the above picture. Either way it was fun going off the beaten path and visiting somewhere new together. The only evidence we have of our visit is this fuzzy selfie in the pool lobby:

IMG_3677_2Words don’t really do a great job at expressing how much fun we have together. Or maybe I’m just not great at manipulating words to say what I want them to. But I never get tired of this guy and I look forward to having little adventures with him every day for the rest of forever.


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