my winter happy list.

The weather around here is doing this cruel thing where it looks all sunny and happy outside, but when I step outside a frigid wind reminds me that it’s STILL winter. I really try to avoid counting down till spring, but find it a real struggle. One of my favorite blogs recently post ‘a happy list’ as a reminder that it is possible to be grateful even when it looks like I’ll be spending at least one more month inside…

So I thought I’d stop my whining for a few minutes and give it a try, so here goes nothing…

IMG_3442Things that make me smile, even when it’s cold outside:

1. watching new episodes of Downton Abbey and giggling at Maggie Smith’s one-line zingers

2. finding old gifts cards in my wallet and realizing they still have money left on them


3. snuggling with husband at the end of each day

4. when i get in my car, and it’s all warm inside from sitting in the sun

5. looking up cruise deals and planning dream vacations

IMG_36566. living close to family

7. that moment when we finish an intense episode of something on netflix, and we realize it’s still early enough to watch the next one too

IMG_24638. when husband does the dishes, especially on those nights when almost every dish we own is dirty (and we don’t have a dishwasher folks)

9. reading, i kinda want to read this next

10. going for drives late at night when we just need to get out of the house and picking out our dream houses


11. finding inspirational quotes on Pinterest

11. cozy-smelling candles

12. ice cream…ice cream makes me happy no matter what time of the year

Here’s to hoping your blustery winter days are happy ones, and that there shouldn’t be too many left 😉


2 thoughts on “my winter happy list.

  1. Dear grandaughter, Courtney….it has been a very long time since I have visited your blog and I have to say, what a talent you have for keeping what I call a journal…I’m so proud of you for doing that…it will be such a treasure for your offspring as the years click by. I hope that you keep it up always, I used to do this but after each blessing of a child was given to us, I reneged on the writingsfor a few weeks at a time then months then years. Thanks you for letting me share in the Sherwood Jrs. life story,
    Love you sweetheart, keep up the good work.

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