Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

IMG_3812I told someone on Saturday that I was visiting my parents for the day because it was my dad’s 50th birthday…their first reaction was “you’re dad is so young!”. I write that so that when my dad reads this, he realizes all the over-the-hill jokes that occured this weekend were really just jokes 😉 50 is the new 40 right?!

My little sisters went all out decorating for his birthday. They posted signs all over the house with ‘old-people jokes’. The funniest part wasn’t even the jokes (sorry sissies) …it was my grandparents’ reactions to the jokes. They couldn’t get over them! We were all just grateful they didn’t take any of it personally…

(L-R) Uncle Terry, Papa, Gram, Auntie Mary, Kaila, Dad, Mom, Tanner, Jenna, Uncle Rich, and Auntie Kathy

It’s so fun to see my dad hanging out with his siblings (he’s the youngest) and to try and imagine what our family is going to be like by the time my youngest sister turns 50! Pretty hard to imagine since right now since she’s only 13…

But I think the fact that they all came out for my dad’s birthday attests to what a great brother, son, (and dad) he is! He’s an example to us all. He is selfless, hard-working, adventurous, and always puts his family first. I’m so grateful to have him as my dad 🙂 So here’s to your next 50 years, right dad?!

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