Life Lately//

It seems that our lives aren’t really all that exciting, but when I blogged on Sunday I realized it had been almost a month since I had written anything. I guess I had been thinking it had only been a week or two…time flies when your having fun, or at least working real hard right?

So here’s some highlights of the past month or so…

IMG_3813It’s been so nice outside lately!  Sometimes on days off I take myself for walks when T is at work and I just can’t resist being outside! Have I mentioned I’m SO ready for summer…but I’ll take spring as a compromise


^^We took our church’s youth down to visit the temple at the beginning of the Easter weekend

IMG_3833^^ Then we came home to a relaxing, sunny Easter weekend. It was a double whammy this year since our church’s General Conference fell on Easter Weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.43.32 AM

^^I got accepted to a Masters of Education program! To me it felt like a big decision to go back to school, but T and I talked a lot about our goals for the future and what this would mean for us and it all just felt so right. Classes start in about a week or so here and I’m super excited.


^^But apparently I’m still not that smart…cuz sometimes you drop your keys in the recycling when you take it out…and then in the process your phone falls out of your pocket and into the recycling while digging for your keys. And you don’t realize it till hours later and you’re frantically having your husband call your phone over and over and you notice the recycling bin vibrating…

^^ We went and stayed with my parents for a weekend and escaped one morning for a little hike together. There were still little patches of snow at the top, but we just ignored them and enjoyed the sunshine

^^And this most recent weekend my little sister Jenna came to stay with us. She and I had all sorts of girl fun (I had take advantage of her and do all the things Tanner gets bored with…) like she helped me pick my next hair cut on Pinterest and went hunting with me at thrift stores. We also enjoyed walking around downtown, going to the local museum, getting macaroons at a local pastry shop, and just chatting. We did include Tanner a little and went slacklining and had a bonfire with some friends as well. I can’t get over how fun it is to live close to family

^^couples that slack together stay together right? Well that’s we’ve been up to, now off to being busy again.


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