Celebrating 365 days of martial bliss

A few weeks ago I asked Tanner if he wanted to go camping for our one year anniversary. We don’t really have the financial means at this point to do something wild and crazy, but I wanted to go off on an adventure and  commemorate our first anniversary. Thankfully he was all for it. IMG_4064I suggested a campground that I’d never been to, but had heard about. However, when Tanner called he found out that because we had to wait to leave till after work, we wouldn’t make it in time to check-in. The lady he spoke with recommended Blanket Creek Provincial Park.


We pulled in around 9:30 pm, and we were super impressed by what we saw in the dark- and even more impressed when we saw it in the morning. Each campsite was big and private, surrounded by lush green forest. IMG_4117The campsite had a little man-made lagoon area with sandy beaches for swimming, or you could go right over the real lake- which was surrounded by beautiful mountains. There were even flush toilets and running water. Can’t get better than that.

IMG_4071We pulled a typical (or what’s becoming typical for us) Sherwood vacation, and kept everything pretty spontaneous. On Saturday we went exploring. We found an area called Begbie Bluffs. We really didn’t know what we were getting into…but we really lucked out.

First we climbed up to the bluffs, which were fun to climb around on and explore (and we saw some actual climbers in action)…and they were covered in beautiful moss.

Seriously…we couldn’t get over the moss. We were like those people that can’t stop taking pictures of their puppies…except for moss…bad analogy?

Then we hiked down towards the river to the Begbie Falls. Again, everything was so green! It felt like we were hiking through Middle Earth, or somewhere equally as magical.

It was so relaxing to get away from our crazy lives (life has felt extra crazy lately) and connect and talk about everything that’s happened in the past year, and everything we hope for in the future year(s).


^^Our poor little car was pretty packed with the camping gear. But it was a cool feeling to have planned, and survived, a little trip all on our own. It was a great way to celebrate a year of actually making it as real adults for a whole year.


On Sunday we packed up our little campsite, and then took the ferry across the lake to go to Halcyon Hot Springs. It was a just a half hour ferry ride, and then we spent a couple hours relaxing in their ‘healing waters’. Which I’m not sure if I buy, but there was something about the warmth and the minerals in the water, and maybe the romantic weekend with my husband, that made me down right relaxed.

IMG_4170I really can’t believe we’ve been married for a whole year. In some ways it feels like we’ve just always been married, in other ways it feels like the year has flown by. I’m so grateful for each and every day I get to spend with Tanner. I’ve been happy before- but words don’t do so well at describing the joy that comes from being in a marriage and working and growing together to build the life you want.

I sure love you Tanner Sherwood, and can’t wait for all the future has in store for us. Happy one year!

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