An example of how it all works out in the end

IMG_3988So this past year has been kind of a wild for me in regards to employment. We got married 3 weeks after I graduated with my teaching degree… in the States…and we got married and are living in Canada. Everyone I talked to said that I would most likely be able to transfer my teaching degree no problem, but I would probably need to do some classes in Canada first.

So for our first summer married, I didn’t work. I worked on putting in my BC teaching certificate application, and making our new little love nest a home. By August however, I was impatient and wanted to know if I’d be teaching in the Fall or not. I decided to start a private tutoring business to keep myself busy, and help out with the bills when Tanner started school again.

At first tutoring was great. I worked only a few hours days, and actually got to use my degree. It was also exhausting, and after a few months, we realized we needed more income to make it during the months Tanner is in school. So I started putting out applications.

Has anyone applied for a job lately!? This new-fangled world of online applications is so frustrating. Everywhere I went said I had to apply online for them to consider me, but I didn’t feel like that was personal enough, it’s just so easy to look over applications when they’re just in a stack with a 1,000 others. I suppose because I recently graduated with a degree, I felt entitled to getting a job quickly. However, as time went on the more and more frustrated and desperate I became.

Finally a manager at a local bakery (I applied anywhere and everywhere) recognized my last name (turned out she knows my in-laws) and gave me a call. The hours were early morning, but perfect for me because it meant I could keep tutoring. So my schedule started looking like this: Wake up at 5:45, go to bakery, work till noonish, come home, prep for tutoring, start tutoring around 3, get home around 7ish. It was working, we were managing to make it by some miracle every month.

But I never stopped looking for another job. I wanted something that a. paid more than minimum wage b. I actually got to use the skills I went to school for 5 years for. Everything was a dead end. Every job I felt perfectly qualified for led to nothing.

Here’s where I need to take a moment to talk about husband. To say that all this job hunting has put me through a view ups and downs would be an understatement. He’s been so supportive of every decision I’ve made, and so appreciative of every cent I made, even when I felt like it wasn’t enough. He listens to me whine, and he listens to me dream. I seriously don’t think I could have made it through this year sane without him.

Backing up a little bit, whatever happened to getting a real teaching degree you ask? Well in November, during the height of my job search, we found out I was going to need to complete 6 more credits (approx. 2 classes) before I could get a temporary teaching certificate (meaning I could start teaching), and then 18 more credits over the next 5 years before I could get my real BC teaching certificate.

In January I signed up for 6 credits online, but then one class ended up canceling due to lack of interest, meaning I would miss the spring hiring ( our school district has two hiring dates, spring and fall). So I figured I’d have to take another class in the summer, apply for the fall and wouldn’t start teaching till January of 2016  Meanwhile, I found an all-online Masters program I was really interested in, and would help me complete all those credits in the next few years. I applied…and got in! Finally an application I put in got some sort of result!

Come March our local school district started accepting applications. I put one in, figuring worse comes to worse they’d hire me and I could start once all my credits were done. A few days later, I got a call! To do an interview…in french!

Backstory…I learned to speak french when I served an LDS mission in Paris, France. However, I was so nervous to put on my teaching application that I speak french because I knew that being a french-immersion teacher would really stress me out. I can’t explain it, but speaking in front of a classroom in french gave me all sorts of anxiety. However, I also knew that getting into a teaching position here is really difficult, and they are desperate for french-speakers. So in hopes of at least standing out, it went on my application.

So all my worst fears came true, and I cried and lived as a little ball of anxiety for the three days before my interview. I survived the 45 minutes of being grilled by all the district’s french schools’ principals, and thought I totally bombed it. I could hear my own mistakes and knew I was out of practice (it’s probably been about 3 years since I’ve really had a conversation with another french-speaking adult). So I boiled the experienced down to that- an experience that would help me be better prepared for future interviews.

I went to the states with my mom, grateful for a week off at the bakery. When I came back, I had a message from a principal of a local high school. I figured, cool another interview. However, when I called him he told me he was in charge of hiring all the new Teachers On Call (substitutes) for the year, and would like to offer me a position! Just like that…I was in. It wasn’t even for french either, I can sub french, but I could also sub for any other subject. I thought he’d say I needed to be done with my classes, but as long as I had my temporary teaching certificate by the fall, everything was fine. Two days later I had my orientation, and the following Monday I started getting calls.

So I have my real, grown-up job, I am in a Masters Program that will open up even more career opportunities, and I put in my two-weeks at the bakery. After a year of feeling that I would be doomed to working minimum wage forever and that my degree would never amount to anything- it’s all paid off. My husband was right…he often tells me that it will all work out in the end.

So, whether your my mom or my future self (because who else would make it to the end of this book-long post), here’s a little reminder that there is a plan and it all works put. Oh, and that once in a while, husband is right, so trust him.

PS. these pictures may appear to be totally unrelated to my story, but we went on this date mini-golfing the day of my orientation to celebrate.

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