Last night Tanner and I went out for frozen yogurt. School’s officially out for the summer, I had worked my last subbing day and wanted to celebrate. As we sat outside on a perfectly-temperatured summer evening, I thought about how this summer feels different. This time last year we were still living out of suitcases (took us a while to get a dresser) and eating on the floor (also took us a while to find a kitchen table). My days comprised of unpacking us, exchanging wedding gifts, figuring out what we needed to still buy, and waiting anxiously for dinner time when T would come home from work. I used his GPS all the time because I had no clue how to get around town. And I used the excuse “I’m new in town” a lot (I still get away with it sometimes…).

[June 2014] Learning how to help Tanner cut his own hair…he trusted me not to cut off his ear…
I also felt like I was getting to know Tanner. We were learning how each other communicates. How the other person dealt with everyday stress. Getting used to each others eating and sleeping habits. There’s a lot to learn when you go from a mostly long distance relationship to being married and living together. This summer we have more of a rhythm. Although I can’t pretend to be able to read T’s mind…I can at least predict a little better how he’ll handle certain situations. We’ve got a lot to learn. We’re still ‘new’ at this whole marriage thing, but we’re also not so new.

[June 2015] One year later and we’ve at least got the selfie thing down

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