Peace & Joy

Photo 052I was talking to a wise friend this past week about all the twists and turns that life can take. It’s funny how when someone we know is going through a hard time it’s so easy to say things like “it will all work out” or “this is leading you to where you need to be” or “it’s making you a better person”- but when it’s your own dang problems all you think is this will never work out, where the heck am I headed, and I really don’t like changing.

This friend of mine is going through some stuff, and told me that she’s recently realized that you don’t have to have joy to find peace, or peace to find joy. During the twists and turns of life it’s pretty easy to not feel so joyful, but you can find peace in knowing where you’re headed. Or if you’re facing difficult decisions, sometimes it’s really hard to find peace, but you can still find joy by focusing on the little blessings you have now. So I’m trying to remember, if I feel peace about where I’m headed, it’s ok not to feel joyful every step of the journey. Or when I’m not feeling at peace, it’s ok to just find joy in the moment. It will all work out in the end anyways, right?


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