Canada Day Bust

Our summer has been pretty crazy lately. Tanner had to go away twice to work in Alberta. The day after he came home was Canada day. We had all these great plans to actually go out and enjoy the sunshine with family, but decided to go to the gym first thing in the morning. Well I lifted heavy things and tweaked my back…bad. I couldn’t even walk. And trust me, I wasn’t lifting anything that heavy, although saying I hurt my back lifting weights makes me feel slightly hardcore.

Anyways, that meant we spent the holiday watching netflix and just hanging out. I couldn’t even roll over by myself. Pretty sure this injury gave me a little peek into the future when we’re 95 and have to take care of each other…we had some real bonding experiences. Needing help to sit on the toilet sure does humble you fast.

Well now that I’m healing and can move around on my own again, I’m swamped with school work. I’m enjoying my program, but I am oh-so-ready for a break from the endless reading and papers. On Friday Tanner had a job a little ways from town right next to a beach, he convinced me to sit on the beach all day while he worked and then he would come join me for a swim when he was done. I was stressed about spending the whole day away from the computer, since my whole program is online, but printed off as many readings as I could and decided to go out and enjoy the sunshineIMG_4285

I felt like this picture pretty much sums up our summer so far. Balancing life and work. I am so grateful for our jobs, our home, and our busy lives filled with worthwhile things. We’re so blessed. I’m also grateful we live in a place where doing my homework on the beach is an option haha. But I’m craving a little me+t time…not working (hanging out doing homework just isn’t the same). A couple more weeks of school and then I’ll be in party mode- making sure we make a few summer memories for ourselves this year!

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