Let’s go fly a kite

Last week my brother and his fiancé *ahem* wife, finally got married! Our summer has been consumed (in a good way) with planning their reception and wedding. But I shouldn’t complain because I know my summer wasn’t nearly as crazy as my mom’s! Their wedding was a bit complicated, since my brother’s from Canada (obviously) and my sister-in-law is from Mexico, but their both attending university in the States. They had to have their receptions in their home countries before the wedding, because once their married she can’t leave the states until her green card application goes through.

Anyways…the point of all that is that it felt a little bit like the wedding that never ended. We had the reception at the end of July, and then had a month to get ready for the wedding at the end of August. There wasn’t much to get ready for, but just having those little details (did the bridesmaids dresses come in? Who’s got stuff to decorate the car? Are the hotels booked? etc. etc. etc.) to think about added stress to our summer.

The day turned out perfect/beautiful/happy/wonderful. They got married in Portland, and even had a warm, sunny day for their wedding. After the ceremony and a luncheon with both sides of the family, we were free to spend a few days hanging out in Oregon before we came home. It was a much needed vacation after the crazy summer we’ve had.

Another day I’ll post pictures from their wedding day/ our trip, but today I just wanted to post this little video from a day we spend flying kites at Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. We stayed in a little house on the coast and enjoyed a few days of spontaneous exploring with my family. Although the beaches were not exactly warm, they were beautiful and the ocean just has a way of calming your soul. And the wind…was excellent for flying kites.


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