The day Chris and Kenia sealed the deal

It feels like all summer has built up to this last big event. Last week we drove down to Portland to attend Chris and Kenia’s wedding. We were excited…but I know it doesn’t even compare to how excited the bride and groom were.

^^ took us a while to all coordinate our smiles

The night before the wedding (Thursday), we had a dinner for both sides of the family/close friends. It was a great evening full of kind thoughts for the newlyweds. Chris and Kenia are both so loved by their families, you could feel it in everything that was said. Then we all headed back to our hotels to get some rest before the big day.

Chris and Kenia got married in the Portland LDS Temple, which was gorgeous!!! Inside and out, everything was so beautiful. It was even sunny (which during the rest of our trip we realized was a rarity). Tanner walked around and played photographer while I was in the bridesmaid pics

The ceremony was so sweet. Maybe during my own wedding I was too busy looking at Tanner, but this time I noticed more how touching it was to see both families there together to support the bride and groom in their choice. They both are such loving people, and I just know they were meant for each other. As I saw their parents and grandparents surround them and support them, I realized how blessed they were to have parents that have taught them to love and believe in forever families, and now they are starting a new family that they will teach to love and believe as well. It was just such a happy occasion.

Naturally after the ceremony came all the pictures. Their photographer was awesome and I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out!!

After we all had a chance to go back to our hotels and change, the families got together again for a luncheon before sending the newlyweds off on their honeymoon. I made everyone stop in front of this green wall for a pic…because I was just loving how green everything was in Portland.

Naturally we snuck out and made sure their getaway vehicle was worthy of the occasion…


And they were off!! The next day we were all sitting around talking the advice we would give the newlyweds…and then we realized it was pretty useless to talk about since they weren’t even there haha. Ah well, we’ll have to bring the topic up at the next family gathering. Anyways, it was such a happy day and we are so happy for you Chris and Kenia!

And just for fun since I was in charge of the slideshow and got to sift through pictures of them as young’ins, just check out how cute they were. They’re going to make me some pretty cute nieces and nephews one day 😉


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