Picture dump of our trip to Oregon// Summer 2015


I feel like all summer T and I kept wishing for a break; a break from all the busy that individually consumed each week until it felt there was nothing left to our summer. But then we’d look at each other and remember, we had Oregon to look forward to.

After Chris and Kenia’s wedding, we drove out to the coast with my parents and my sisters to spend a few days relaxing and breathing in the salty west coast air. We stayed in a house at Rockaway Beach, it was a sleepy little town about half way between Tillamook and Cannon Beach.

Although the beaches were not exactly warm, the rushing of the waves and winds still had a way of slowing down life and allowing us to relax for what felt like the first time that summer. So we enjoyed the all the grey and green surrounding us and enjoyed exploring a new little corner of the world before heading back to real life.

And if a picture is worth 1,000 words, get ready for a 1,000,000 word dump…

^^My cousin Kaitlyn recently returned from her LDS mission in Vancouver, Washington, so after the wedding she showed us one of her favourite spots in the area

^^ Of course we had to stop at the Tillamook cheese factory and try everything they had to offer…the cheese, the grilled cheese sandwiches, and the ice cream. I think I’d go back just for that….

When we finally arrived at Rockaway, we couldn’t wait to get out and touch the ocean. What we didn’t anticipate is just how windy it was going to be! They had a crazy storm come in, and we ended up with no power most of the night, but that didn’t stop us from getting out and enjoying the beautiful beach.


^^ I was so grateful my Grandma and Grandpa Beard drove out to spend a day with us on the beach before heading home. I had to make sure I got a three-generation-pic with my mom and grandma.

^^Apparently Bigfoot lives on the Oregon Coast…

^^On Sunday the sun even came out for us for a little bit. After attending church in Rockaway we went for a walk on the beach before heading home for a relaxing evening of naps and movies (and adult colouring books…my sisters and I are totally hooked!)

^^Monday we drove up to Cannon Beach. I made a little video montage of our kite flying adventures here.

^^and I couldn’t get over how cute the little town was…or how delicious the salt water taffy was.


Tuesday we drove home before school started up again…of course on the way home we couldn’t help but talk about how we’d love to come back again soon. Thanks Oregon, it was a treat!

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