Playing hooky and turning twenty-six

^^ Selfie from friends’ wedding a couple weeks ago

Last night we both had a lot of homework. Tanner’s midterms are this week and next week, and I have a huge paper due this coming Monday. But Tanner called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I’d like to go to a movie instead of being a responsible grown-up and facing our responsibilities. It sounded like a much better plan than staying in and doing homework all night….

So we went to a movie, and really enjoyed it. I know it’s silly because technically we just went out on a date Friday night, and then we spent the entire weekend together…but sometimes it feels like we don’t get enough time together. Again, I realize how ridiculous that sounds…but hey I love my husband and like spending time with him. Crazy, I know. I guess that’ the perk of being a grown-up…I can choose how to spend my time.

Speaking of grown-up, I turned 26 this weekend. My first thought when I woke up Sunday morning was ‘dang it, now I’m old’. Which I guess that thought probably won’t ever go away. So I should probably just get used to the fact that feeling old on your birthday as an adult has a negative connotation, as opposed to when you’re a kid and you’re so proud of how old you are. Maybe when I hit 80 I can start feeling proud again of making it that far…

25 was a pretty cool year. Tanner and I grew a lot and got used to being married. I know we still have lots to learn, but I’m glad for the year we’ve had to focus on us and figure out how we work as a couple. It was the year of firsts for us: first Christmas, first anniversary, first figuring-out-adulting life. A year like that will never be repeated; now we can say things like ‘remember last year when…’.

So here comes 26, a year full of other new experiences and some repeated ones. I’m so grateful for our little life, and even if I’m considered officially old or not, I know this year will be a good one.

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