A little birthday love note,


Dearest Hubby,

I’ve wanted to write you a little note for a while and tell you how amazing you are. What better time than on your birthday (well a couple days after…). As I think about our year-and-a-half-ish of marriage, I know we’ve been through a lot of life adjustments. I’d say changes, but changes sound big, and so far it’s just been little adjustments to being a grown-up that we’re figuring out together.

Through it all you are my rock. You are patient and kind, and as understanding as a man brain can be when my woman brain is controlled by emotions and worries. Thanks for being silly with me, thinking I’m funny, and making memories with me. Thanks for working so hard to balance school, work, church responsibilities, and ME. Thank you for reeling me in when I want to plan the next 50 years of our life, and also learning to dream with me. Thank you for supporting my desire to pursue more education and through the career rollercoaster this year has been.

The night before your birthday you said you were a little disappointed when looking back on this year of life. But when I look back on your past year I see that you’ve worked hard to get an education, you’ve made personal sacrifices to support us, and you’ve developed skills that will help provide for our family. We celebrated our first year of marriage, you’ve become even more patient and kind with me, and I’ve fallen even more in love with you.

You’re amazing. You’re appreciated. And now, you’re 26. But don’t worry, it will be a great year…you’re going to be a dad!

I love you more than yesterday,



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