Goodbye Guido, hello baby-mobile

Since finding out we’re pregnant, we’ve come up with a mental list of things we need to do before the baby arrives. There’s the general stuff like buy a crib, stock up on diapers, and stock up on sleep (at least that’s what everyone warns us about first haha). Also, there are some big changes that need to happen- like finding a new apartment with two bedrooms and replacing my little car with something more carseat friendly.

Tanner has been researching cars for months, and one Saturday a couple of weeks ago we decided we would just look…but most likely not buy anything. Before we left the house Tanner warned me, he hardly goes shopping without walking away with something, especially big purchases. If it feels right, he goes for it.

Naturally we found the perfect family car for us that day. A couple of days later all the paperwork was signed, and we had a new car (well new to us anyways).


It was the exact model/year Tanner had researched, had all the features we wanted, AND has lots of trunk space for baby-everything. We both felt really good about it…and went for it! So now we have a new little Rav-4 as a part of the family.

On the other hand, we also traded in my little car. Which I realize is not that big of deal, considering I love our new vehicle…but I’m sentimental and get attached to inanimate objects that represent something to me. I bought this little car one month before heading off to university, and it’s been with me through many travels and changes in my life. So here’s my little ode to ‘Guido’.

First, how he got his name. I bought this car, and then my parents, my brother, and I went to Italy for 10 days before I left for university. While there (my mom and I have this way of getting really silly when are together) we were in an Italian gas station and saw those little licence plates key chains with names on them. For some reason the Italian names were hilarious to us. One of those names was Guido. When we came home, we realized my little car looked like it would have fit in with all the tiny european cars…and was somehow dubbed Guido. Later I read that Guido can be used as a derogatory name for an Italian…but I swear we didn’t mean that way at all!

Anyways. Guido drove me back and forth between Idaho and BC countless times, took many road trips to Utah from Idaho, made one journey to southern California, one  road trip to Seattle, and drove me over to Boise for my final semester of school. When I was away at university Guido often gave me an escape from roommates, and gave me a way to runaway to my Grandma’s house for a home cooked meal. It also won me a few friends along the way when I offered to drive them around in the bitter Idaho cold. When I was away on my internship to Florida, my study abroad to Jerusalem, and my mission to France, one of the things I missed the most was the independence of having my own car.

Though Guido is little, he never failed to fit all of my stuff during every move (even if it meant I couldn’t see out my windows haha) or help me arrive in safety. And while it’s two-door, hatchback make isn’t going to cut it for the mother chapter of my life, it certainly cut it for the student- chapter of my life. Guido was a constant throughout a lot of growing and changing in my life. So here’s to Guido…the perfect little college car…hope your next owner loves you too!


*not pictured* my most embarrassing pregnancy moment to date. Tanner came home to drive up to the dealership with me after work so we could finalize all the paper work. I asked him if I could drive one last time, (he has this thing with the man driving) 30 seconds from our house and I was having a major breakdown, hyperventilating and bawling while driving because I didn’t want to say goodbye to Guido. Don’t worry…I pulled it together by the time we go to the dealership…but Tanner won’t let me live that one down haha

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