What life looks like lately…


Life these days has been a little boring. I said to Tanner the other day that we haven’t taken many pictures recently…and he responded its because we don’t do anything fun haha. I guess that mostly my fault. I’ve been so nauseous during this first trimester that I barely have energy for the bare minimum…let alone fun!

Tanner took this picture of me a couple of weeks ago…it’s a pretty accurate representation of what life has looked like lately. We had already eaten dinner and shifted into ‘comfy pants time’. I don’t remember what we needed, but we decided to make a late night run to the store. I guess feeling sick all the time makes you any sense of pride…because I thought it’d be totally normal to go to the grocery store in my pjs. Tanner couldn’t resist capturing the moment….which made me realize that next time I should switch into yoga pants…at least those are socially acceptable…


This cute face has been so patient with this whole pregnancy thing. I honestly don’t know what he’s eaten the past couple months…but somehow he’s surviving without complaining haha. Even on my worst days of feeling sick, I’m so grateful to have a sweet husband that takes such great care of me.


My cute sister Jenna is participating in a scholarship program in my hometown. I competed in the same program eons ago, so it’s fun for me to talk with her about the program. Jenna is probably one of the coolest people I know. She decided to do the program just because she wanted to push herself and learn new skills. Being in front of a room of people is definitely out of her comfort zone…but she’s doing awesome! A week ago I went and watched her fashion show. She was so great…not to mention beautiful! I love living near home and being able to see my sisters growing up into such beautiful people!

We’ve also spent a lot of time hanging out with Tanner’s family lately. We’re so blessed to live in the same town as them and get spoiled with frequent Sunday dinners…which is even better for husband since I don’t feed him lately haha. But Tanner took this picture a couple of weeks ago…hopefully this doesn’t just happen to us, but we find sometimes with our families that a hush falls over a room when we’re all hanging out… and we realize everyone is playing on their phones…oh the modern world…





A couple of nights ago we attended my sister Kaila’s school play. She was in Seussical the Musical…I wish I could convey how much this was NOT your average high school play. It was amazing! And I’m definitely not biased when I say she was the cutest jungle animal you ever did see 🙂



And one more picture that truly represents what life has been like lately. Each night after running around, or lying around and throwing up anything I eat, my favourite part of the day without fail is when husband and I get to unwind and snuggle. We’re just trying to soak up all the ‘us time’ we can before baby arrives and takes all our time and attention!

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