Our first home// The Bunker



So somehow we reasoned that moving during the holidays was the perfect idea. So on January 1st we’re moving across town to an apartment with room for baby. Following the sentimental sap trend I’ve been on lately…I wanted to do a little post about our first home.

During university I moved approximately every 4-8 months. The school I was at had a weird track system,  so I was either moving into different apartments every semester or moving rooms to make way for the every rotating supply of roommates. The fact that we’ve stayed in place for a year and a half kinda blows my mind…it’s gone so fast! It feels like just another one of those moves in university. Anyways, I’m sad to leave ‘our bunker’ but excited for the space and natural lighting our next place offers. So here’s some thoughts on our first apartment:

10 things I’ll miss about our first apartment:

  1. The fact that Tanner picked it out all on his own! I was still finishing my degree when we were engaged (so glad we never have to do long distance again!) so it was up to him to find our first place to live. I was a little hesitant to leave it totally up to him…but didn’t really have a choice in the matter. Fortunately he did great!
  2. The tall ceilings! We may be in a basement suite, but we have 10 feet ceilings, so it doesn’t feel quite as claustrophobic as many other places.
  3. The neighbourhood-we’re in a nice neighbourhood with some friends living just around the corner, and there’s lots of great areas to go on walks.
  4. Location to the church- it literally takes me 5 min. to get there. It’s made getting to church on time very easy 😉
  5. The kitchen- the house we’re living in is fairly new and the kitchen is nice and big. The kitchen has plenty of storage and I’ve loved having a big island to prep food on.
  6. Parking- there’s enough space for our two cars AND a special spot for Tanner’s motorcycle. He’s loved that.
  7. The shower- it’s big and has perfect water pressure. Although that’s not really something you check before you move into a place…so I’m hoping our next place has decent water pressure too…
  8. Our landlords- they’re a nice, young family that have been great to us.
  9. The big windows- they at least give the illusion that there’s lots of light coming in…
  10. The memories created here- these first 18 months of marriage have been all about T and I figuring out this whole marriage thing together. We’ve made lots of memories of our ‘newlywed days’ here.

10 things that we won’t miss/ make this place memorable:

  1. The bunker feeling- we’ve named this place the bunker because outside our door is a covered cement area, which has been great for storage, but covers any hope of natural light coming in the two big windows. Leaving us feeling like we’d be very well protected from any zombie invasions (aka the bunker)…but also like we never know what weather will be awaiting us when we leave the house each day.
  2. The landlord’s dog- it tries to run into our house every time we open the door. At least he’s cute…
  3. The neighbour’s dog- which is loud and barks like crazy any time your walking past. It’s pretty scary when it’s dark and it comes ripping around the corner of the house barking…
  4. The lack of storage- this place has a great pantry…and after that there are no other closets (other than a tiny one in our bedroom). I can’t wait to have a place for our vacuum…and our coats… and backpacks…and shoes. Storage has been my main battle with this place.
  5. The lighting- so we’re underground…and half the lights in our apartment don’t work half the time. I feel like we’re constantly nagging our landlord to get an electrician to look at a different light..it’s a struggle.
  6. The vacuuming- I swear without out fail our landlords vacuum at the same time every day, in this one spot right over our couch. It really hasn’t bugged me till I’ve been pregnant, and I’m usually trying to take a little nap after work…and on comes the vacuum…over and over again…
  7. Being able to hear everything going on upstairs…except we’re moving into another basement suite…so this probably won’t change…
  8. Distance from main shopping area in town- you know it’s only like 15 min…but it’s further than our new place will be…so hey I won’t miss the drive.
  9. Tiny bedroom closet- Tanner with his pro-closet skills has made the situation better…but still I won’t complain about moving to a bigger closet.
  10. The cave like feeling- ok maybe 75% of my complaints have to do with the lighting in this place…but you never know if it’s daylight outside… you literally can seek one patch of sky through one window at one angle. We never know if it’s actually sunny or if there’s just one patch of blue shining through where we can see it…

It’s been memorable little bunker! We’re sad to go…and excited about the new place all at once. Here’s to new adventures…

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