Holiday Roundup//2015


Life has been kinda crazy the past month or so. We felt homeless for a couple of weeks because we were in the process of moving. We bounced between our families’ homes and mooched meals and holiday goodies off of them. Thankfully they didn’t seem too mad about it :). Now that we’ve had a couple of weeks to settle in and such I wanted to sum up some of our favourite memories from this holiday season…

  1. Hitting the halfway mark!


As of December 23rd I officially am at 20 weeks! I honestly think I was more excited about this mile marker than Christmas haha. I don’t know if it was the constant nausea or just that we’re so excited to meet our baby, but I feel like the first half of pregnancy has just dragged on and on. But now I officially feel like I’m sporting a bump, the nassau has died down, and I’m on the downhill side of the countdown to meeting our baby…all this just made hitting 20 weeks feel like a holiday of its own!

2. First Christmas with the Sherwoods


Last Christmas we spent Christmas Eve/Day with my fam, which meant this year was Tanner’s family’s turn. We enjoyed spending our last Christmas as one of the kids being spoiled by Tanner’s family. Of course most of our presents had a baby-theme to them…but we’re not complaining. Thanks for the memories guys 🙂

3. Shyler

My little sister Shannon brought home her boyfriend Tyler for New Years. We were all pretty excited to meet him, since we had a pretty good idea that he was planning on gifting her with something sparkly sometime during the holidays… luckily we loved him and think they are perfect together! Also, I’m happy to report that he updated his status from boyfriend to fiancé before the end of their visit…


4. Leaving the bunker

As I mentioned before, we moved during the holidays. Our new landlords let us slowly move our stuff in during the holidays, but we couldn’t officially move in till January 1st. This was nice because we didn’t have to haul all our stuff over in one shot…but it also made it feel like the move that never ended. We spent our New Years Eve cleaning our old place till about 11pm…we know how to party hard. But the next morning we came over for one last pic in our little love nest, before handing over the keys. It was a bittersweet moment leaving our first home together…but hey I dedicated a whole blog post to that

5. Enjoying our last Christmas just the two of us


We are so, so, SO excited to meet our little baby. So excited that I think sometimes I forget to enjoy this last stage in life where our lives will revolve around just us. Tanner and I went out for breakfast one morning just the two of us so we could get some ‘us’ time between all the family time. It’s crazy to think that this time next year we won’t be able to do spontaneous things like that…or least we’ll have to take a little person into consideration when we do. For now I’m trying to enjoy all our uninterrupted netflix-and-snuggles nights and making memories just the two of us.

Here’s the round up from 2014, and here’s to looking forward to all that 2016 is going to bring!

PS. We also tried this escape-room thing with my family. It was so hard/ exciting to try something new! I know they’ve cropped up all over the place with different names, but if you’re ever in Kelowna we recommend trying it…but also be prepared to be confused!




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