Things of luxury

This month has been one for the books. Just when I think we’re adjusting to one set of changes…something else big comes along. We just moved, I’m getting more and more pregnant (which has it’s own set of changes…like now I’m not nauseous-YAY- instead I wake up in the middle crying from leg crams and have acid reflex all freakin day…BOO) and Tanner and I both just started new semesters in school.

And so far this school year I’ve been super grateful for my job. It’s a bajillion times better than where I was this time last year AKA applying and getting rejected by anywhere and everywhere because my hopes of getting into the school district had been dashed at least for a few more months. But as one semester ended and another began our school district posted new full-time positions and I figured I might as well try applying. Honestly I thought I had no chance since a lot of how you get a position here is based on union-rules/seniority and I’m basically at the bottom of the list.

So I was more than shocked when I got called in for an interview a week before the semester started. Pretty sure I skipped shocked and went straight to anxious. The interview was for several french positions (they just get all the principals together at once for several positions and then figure out where you fit best), and teaching french has NEVER been a goal of mine…but I applied with the attitude of what the heck, can’t hurt.

Turns out it didn’t hurt…and the interview wasn’t as bad as I thought. And now…I’m teaching French 8 and 9 at one of the local high schools…

Starting my third trimester you say? Start a brand new job at the same time? This is when most women start to slow down…yaaaaaaaa I guess that’s not in the cards for me. These past few weeks has basically been a cycle of eat-teach-lesson plan-have a melt down- fitfully sleep-repeat. Once in awhile I find time to look at my school work and my husband haha.

Ok, that sounded super whiny. I am so grateful for this position. It’s really helping us financially prepare for when I to go into retirement AKA  the full on stay-at-home-mom stage of life. It’s more than we ever hoped for. But the whole exhaustion/constant stress thing is definitely taking a toll on the preparing for a baby/ enjoying my last few months of just husband and I time stuff. Which is ok…baby may not have a crib set up for her when she arrives because who has time for that…but at least we’ll be able to buy the crib haha.

Anyways, last night Tanner and I decided to be super irresponsible and waste an hour of precious time to go out for dinner. We went out for Chinese and our fortune cookies seemed to just speak to all that’s been going on:


HAHAHAHAHA just kidding…if diapers count as things of luxury and my nightly meltdowns bring joy to my husband maybe….But on a serious note, this month has been a crazy blur of change and scary things. Yet when I look back, and forward to all the changes coming, all I see are blessings. We’ve been given so much and blessed with work and a way to provide for ourselves. So we’ll keep counting our blessings..but (not so) secretly I’m just waiting to be surrounded by the things of luxury I want most: to snuggle and hold our baby to my heart’s content.


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