The gratitude wall

At the beginning of February Tanner and I were whining about the woes of our little lives, when we realized it had become a pattern. We had spent the past few previous nights coming home from work/school and finding things to complain about and unnecessarily stress over. Hopefully we’re not the only ones that use their spouses as a soundboard for vent sessions…but we found that it was happening too often.

Tanner jokingly suggested that we write down on post-it notes all the things we were grateful for…however I decided not to take it as a joke. So for the next month we decided that each night we would write on a post-it note one thing we were grateful for that day. Some nights it was a struggle…you know getting out of bed once you’re all cozy can be a real challenge, but every night it was a good exercise to stop and look at our lives and realize how truly blessed we are.

IMG_5193We stopped doing this when March came, but we’ve left up our sticky notes up and they’re a nice reminder to me of how truly blessed we are. As the countdown till baby gets smaller and smaller, we’re facing a whole new stage of life. But I want to always remember how wonderful this stage of ‘just us’ has been. We’ve been blessed with good jobs, opportunities to further our education, nice homes/landlords, cars that are reliable, the ability to communicate easily in our marriage, and of course, the opportunity to become parents. Some of our post-it notes were silly, some were quite serious, but all of them remind me, that we’ve really got it pretty dang good.

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