2nd Anniversary Trip

Tanner and I were discussing our anniversary a little while ago and realized that we’ll most likely have a sparkly new baby for our anniversary this year (or at least we better…if not I’ll be 2 weeks overdue and not happy) and so any sort of celebration will probably involve baby snuggles and hanging out at home… no crazy camping adventures like last year. So we decided to go on a little trip a couple of months before the little package arrives.

^^The view from our room

We went for an overnight stay at Sparkling Hills, the fancy schmancy resort we stayed at on our wedding night. It was fun to go back and think about how much we’ve been through together in just these short 2 years. Mostly new jobs, semesters of school, and growing a human…nbd. Is there ever a stage in life when things just stay stagnant? Sometimes I wish for that, but also I love how our lives are constantly evolving and it feels like we’re really ‘building’ a life together.

Anyways, I’ll save my mushy thoughts for our actual anniversary, mostly we enjoyed not bringing any homework with us, and pretending that all our responsibilities just disappeared for 24 hours. We ate out, slept in, shopped a little, and enjoyed the spring weather. I sure like spending time with this guy, and being in a relaxing setting doesn’t hurt either. A few pictures from our little trip:


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