The not-quite family of three

T&C-28A few weeks ago Tanner and I had some maternity/family pictures taken. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually have them done…I had a hard time wanting to pose for pictures when I feel like I’ve doing a pretty good impression of a whale lately. Tanner reminds me I’m not fat, just pregnant, which I know in my head…but it’s hard to remember when looking at pictures. Anyways, luckily the part of me that also wanted to remember this last stage in life when our family consists of ‘just Tanner and I’ won out and we had the pictures taken.

Baby is due to arrive a couple of weeks before our second anniversary. Sometimes when I think about 2 years I can’t believe how long we’ve been married already…and also how short of time it’s been. I’m so grateful for these years that Tanner and I have had to define ‘us’. I know that definition will go out the window as we add a member to our family and we’ll have to reconfigure what our family culture is like, but Tanner and I often say to each other “i love our little life”, and I’m so glad we’ve had these first couple years to build that little life together.

I initially wanted these pictures so I could preserve what our family was like ‘just the two of us’…but the fact that the pictures totally revolve around ‘the bump’ made me realize that our family stopped being just the two of us about 9 months ago. Since we’ve found out we’re pregnant, little baby has pretty much been the centre of everything we talk about, and certainly the centre of every decision we’ve made. Baby’s influence has started already, and we’re so excited to actually meet her, after all this talk!

I also really wanted to have these pictures taken somewhere that would show off the area that our little baby will be born in. We don’t know where our family will settle long term yet, so I like the idea of preserving where she was born in these pictures. Along the river in Kamloops ended up being the perfect place to preserve where our family is at at this stage of life.


Only a few more weeks until our sweet little package arrives. You’ve changed our lives already little girl, we can’t wait to meet you and finally hold you in our arms. Even though you’re not ‘here’, we already consider a part of our family and love you so much. I can’t wait to officially be a family of three!


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