The Baby Shower

IMG_5285A couple of weeks ago my mother-in-law threw a baby shower for me&bump. It was a wonderful evening in which everything was decorated in lots of pink and girly things. I received so many great and thoughtful gifts- as well as countless adorable outfits! This little girl will not only not go naked- she will be dressed in style. The dresses…I.can’t.even. One of my favourite things about expecting a girl has been looking at the little girl dresses…I just can’t wait to actually put her in them -she’s got quite a collection already!

I told Tanner a little while ago how I used to look at moms with their kids at the grocery store and just think ‘ah that will be fun one day’…now I look at every woman and think ‘holy crap she’s amazing’…because a.pregnancy has not been a breeze…so I’m impressed by every woman who’s done it, and has done it multiple times! and b. just these past couple of weeks it’s really been hitting me how completely terrifying being a parent is going to be haha.

I am so so SO excited to be a mom. But also, I’m realizing how faulty I am/ how little I know…and now I’m going to have to try and be a good example/ teach a little person how to live a good life. No small task. Although Tanner reminds me we’ll start small…first we’ll work on keeping her alive by providing food, shelter, and love…we’ll wait a few years before we get to the heavy duty parenting stuff ;). Anyways, the point of this rant was that it was so wonderful at my shower to be surrounded by all these moms! I just looked around and thought about how amazing they were and how much I have to learn…but also it was inspiring to remember that they all started like me- without a clue! haha. So whether they know it or not, I’m grateful for all the moms out there being good examples. Also I’m so grateful for the wonderful mothers that raised Tanner and I- I have a feeling their help/examples will be my lifeline over the next few months  25+ years. I feel so blessed/excited/cluelessly-happy to be joining this club of motherhood.

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