Sunday: One month round-up [May 19-June 19]



I could write a book about your first few days alone. Everything was new for you. It was fascinating watching you wiggle your little body and adapt to life outside the womb. I can’t imagine what a shock that was, but we sure loved having you finally join us out here.

Everyone was amazed by how alert and strong you were. When you were first born, you just stared at the world trying to take it all in. The nurses kept commenting on how you were so much more alert than most newborns…your daddy and I took that to mean that we had just given birth to the smartest, most special person in the world (which you are, of course).

Your first 24 hours were full of visits from family. Your grandparents, aunts, and uncles had all been waiting anxiously to meet you. Your dad and I were exhausted, but so eager to show you off. People commented on your long fingers and toes, your perfect button nose, and your long tongue you just couldn’t keep in your mouth! haha. You were so beautiful.

Your first 48 hours were spent in the hospital. When it came time to bring you home, your dad and I expected there to be a process…but they just gave us a little orientation (reminding us not to shake the baby when we’re frustrated) and let us walk out of the hospital with you! We felt a little guilty as we walked out of the hospital, all these sick people with sad reasons to be there, while we had just experienced the happiest event of our lives.


Once home, the family visits didn’t stop. Your grandma Smith came to stay with us for a few days, and the rest of your extended family used every excuse possible to come over for a visit. So many people were generous and brought over food to help us out. I was amazed at how thoughtful people were and so incredibly grateful for every meal that was provided for us.


You were a great nurser. You latched right away and I loved feeling close to you during those hours we spent snuggling, even if it meant getting up every couple hours in the night. You had this little look, when you were hungry and wanted to eat, I called it the ‘baby bird’ look. Daddy was a great support and would often get up to change you before I fed you. By the end of your first month you were down to waking up only a couple of times at night- and slept in about four hour stretches. You gained weight great and at your one month check up you weight 8.11 lbs! I felt like you were getting “huge”…but you were still fitting into newborn-size clothes.

Your first month was a learning curve for you dad and I. We had to learn that you cried for other reasons than just being hungry…you could be poopy, cold, tired, or just grumpy. You were so wiggly all the time…and we were secretly proud of what an active baby you are. We loved that you already seem to be curious and interested in the world around you. You were so strong, and could hold up your neck during tummy time from day one. You loved to kick, stand, and jump when we held you up on your legs. You also loved to lay on this little lamb pillow-type-thing that your Uncle Chris and Aunt Kenia had given you.


You hated most new things you were introduced to, but eventually learned to love them. You hated baths… but soon came to like those. You hated tummy time… but learned to like it (if in a good mood). You hated your swing…but we’re working on that. Mostly, you just wanted to be held all the time, but not snuggled close because you had things to look at and a world to discover.

At the end of your first month you had just started to smile. At first, I thought it was just an accident…but then the smiles seemed closer together, and only happened when I made eye contact with you. Then on June 19th, Father’s day, and your one-month birth-iversary, we were snuggling in bed with daddy and you looked up at him and gave him big gummy smiles for a straight 10 minutes. I think it was the best Father’s day gift you could have given him.



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