Sunday: Two month round-up [June 20-July 19]

IMG_5730IMG_5732Since Sunday officially turned 3 months old this week…I guess I should catch up and review her 2nd month of life haha. I swear the days feel like a month, but then the months just keep flying by….so I’ll write this blog post and hopefully get around to her 3-month round-up soon, you know, preferably before she hits the 4-month mile marker!

Sunday, your second month of life was spent in a car seat! We had so many exciting family things going on, that packing, traveling, and unpacking pretty much became the rhythm of our life for a little while. A few days after you turned one-month old, we took on your first international trip…to Seattle WA for your auntie Shannon’s wedding!

IMG_3099IMG_3101Your auntie Shannon and uncle Tyler put of their wedding just so you could be there (and so mommy was able to travel without the risk of going into labor far from home haha), so needless to say they were so ready to finally be married! And bonus for me, I got to show you off to your great-grandparents and extended family members in the States you wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

^^You with your aunties Jenna and Kaila, they stole you from everyone even though you live close to them 😉 Needless to say your family is pretty obsessed with you

^^ With your Grandma Smith, and a 4-generation picture with your Great-grandma Beard, Grandma Smith, Mom, and you!

IMG_3121.JPGAaaaaaaaand our first family selfie! You look so excited about it…haha. But overall you did so good on your first trip. You slept most of the way, and while mommy and daddy were in the temple for the sealing, you were in a good mood for aunties while they watched you. This was a tiny miracle because at this age your still struggling with the whole being awake AND being in a good mood at the same time thing.

The week after the wedding, you and I went to Vernon for a couple of days to see your Auntie Jenna graduate from high school. You were her date, and if I do say so myself, you were the cutest grad date of them all! You sat through the longest- graduation ceremony ever….ok it probably wasn’t that bad but being a newborn it was a little bit of a struggle for you, but you did pretty good and we wouldn’t have traded being there to see your auntie walk across the stage!

We spent Canada Day with the Sherwood clan. We had fun showing you off to your daddy’s auntie Jen and uncle Bob. Also, I bought you this very patriotic onsie…of which you peed all over during  a diaper change after wearing it for only about 5 minutes. SOOO naturally, I made daddy take some pictures with you all dressed patriotic before changing you into dry clothes. Sorry baby girl…. your mama is silly about holidays sometimes.

That same weekend mommy and daddy drove you back to Vernon for your very first beach day! We pretty much just snuggled you in the shade, but it was fun to try out your its-bitsy swimsuit. We also said goodbye to the house mommy grew up in- as your Grandma and Grandpa Smith moved that week! It was emotional for mommy, but also exciting as they moved in the perfect grandparent house that they are so excited to make perfect for entertaining you (and future cousins/siblings).

That Sunday, on July 3rd, you were blessed at church. Your grandparents, and your Beard great-grandparents, and your aunts and uncle Blaine were all there to watch (and mostly just ooh and ahh at how cute you were). Mommy had fun showing you off wearing her blessing dress from when she was a baby.

The rest of your month was spent either at the cabin with the Smith or Sherwood clan. Mommy was kept busy unpacking and packing us up, as daddy was stuck in Kamloops finishing up his last class EVER of university. But amidst all the travel, mommy and daddy also just really enjoyed YOU. You were becoming more and more of a little person, with SO.MANY.EXPRESSIONS.

I don’t know if you noticed…but you kinda have this habit of just looking at the world through big, wide eyes. I’m not sure if it’s just because your still in shock from entering the world, or because that’s just the look kids give their parents when they’re acting crazy (we’re a little sleep deprived…give us a break)…but it’s so stinking cute. My other favourite expression you gave us lots this month, was SMILES!!!


^^Our first picture ever of that perfect, gummy smile (captured by daddy)

And of course we have about 1,000,000,000 pictures of you sleeping…which maybe only mommy will enjoy looking at, but I just never get tired of your perfect little angel face.

IMG_3122IMG_5663IMG_5670IMG_5678Ahhhh sooooo peaceful. Although to be honest, you haven’t really figured out the sleeping thing yet. Especially during the day, you’ll only nap when being held or driving in the car. I’m kinda hoping you grow out of that/ hoping you never grow out of it because I love holding you. You are still such a new little person at this point. You’re movements are still pretty jerky and uncontrolled, you focus on our faces, but also go crosseyed a lot. You still curl up in a little ball, and your ears are even still a little folded from birth. We love holding you and snuggling you, but also love watching you grow and change and discover the world.


^^introducing you to the world of pillow forts and family snuggles

^^trying to train you to sit on  your own

IMG_5629^^multi-tasking baby entertaining and chores

You’ve become our little buddy that we love doing things with. Our lives have definitely changed… you’ve changed the way we do everything. Getting out the door takes more time, life in general isn’t as spontaneous, but it’s so much more full and beautiful. We love you Sunday Sherwood, happy 2 months!


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