Sunday: Three month round-up [July 20-August 19]

img_5872img_6036Remember how in my last post I *jokingly* said I would post Sunday’s 3-month blog post before her 4-month…well here we are on the night of her 4 month-anniversary, and I figured I might as well write her 3 month post haha. Sorry baby girl, you’re just so needy that it’s hard to find time to blog……so better late then never, and I’ll work on earning that mom-of-the-year award next month 😉

This month your dad and I felt like you magically transformed from a newborn into a baby. You stopped feeling quite as fragile and you were making eye contact and smiling like crazy. You were awake more and more during the day and we just loved coming to understand your little personality more and more.

We also loved introducing you to all your new little friends, aka all our friends’ babies. It’s so fun to look at other kids and wonder what you’ll be like in just a few short months. Also, it’s fun to look at you with other babies and wonder if you will grow up to be friends, date,  or even know each other. Mostly, I just like showing you off to everyone I know.


^^ You with my cousin Kevin’s little girl, Gwen. And above, you, Gwen, and our friend’s little girl Mya wearing bonnets that Frances (Mya’s mom) made for you all!


^^Princess Sunday in her throne, content to just be observing the world.

This month we felt like we were finally coming out of our newborn tunnel. We started feeling more confident we could handle your needs in places other than the safety of our home, and started trying little day adventures as a family.


^^Watching a movie in the park. Mom and dad’s first chance to see a movie since you were born. You didn’t fuss the entire movie, you just loved watching all the people and action around you.


^^Our first hike as a family of three. We read about this hike online and it said it was easy, with a rickety bridge near the end. Well we didn’t realize how rickety it was until we got there (you can see it just behind me) and decided we wouldn’t risk crossing with you. As we walked back to the car we discussed how we both had these awful images come into our head of us falling into the creek and you getting hurt; it just reminded me of how much you’ve changed our lives (even in simple ways, like planning our hikes better) and how protective we feel of you.


^^Hiking at Paul Lake (more successful than the last hike). You’re the green bundle attached to daddy.


^^We took you to your first drive-in movie. It was so fun to snuggle as a family in the back of our car. While we kinda missed some key points of plots of both movies due to the fact that you require a lot of care, haha, it was so fun to get out and do things together.


^^ We went and stayed in Vernon for a day with your Smith grandparents, and we took you to one of mommy’s favourite places in the whole world -Kalamalka Lake. Mommy and daddy both got to go out on the boat for a while, while Grandma Smith snuggled you on the beach. But the best part of the day was introducing you to the lake, and you even liked it (or at least didn’t cry). You are definitely a lake-girl in training!


^^Supporting Uncle Blaine at Hot Night in the City (a local car show that happens every summer). Notice your face in this pictures…you little tongue kills me every time.


I tried to take you outside as much as possible. You loved sitting outside so much. You are definitely taking after you momma. We’d lay on the grass and soak up summer as much as possible (or until you fussed). I can’t wait for next summer when you’ll be running around and enjoying the good weather.


Seriously you’re little personality is the best. This particular night we got you all wrapped up and ready for bed, but then you decided to be super smiley and silly. You discovered your tongue and wouldn’t stop sticking it out. These pictures aren’t the best quality, but looking at them just brings me back to the night when your daddy and I cuddled on the couch just laughing and loving our little baby girl. We can’t get enough of your facial expressions.

I also love watching you and your daddy develop a relationship. You love playing airplane with him, and whenever we want to cheer you up/ get some smiles out of you it’s sure to work.


And as your mother, I feel it is my right to take/post as many sleeping pictures of you as I want. You’re just as precious this month when you are sleeping as last month, so I won’t even apologize for filling up my phone of snapshots of your sleepy little face.

You’re growing and changing so much, but also you’re still so little. I love how you still keep your feet curled up most of the time. You’ve ‘accidentally’ rolled over a few times when the weight of your head just pulls you over during tummy time. You’re holding your head up so well and love standing/jumping on our laps. You still aren’t a huge fan of the swing or being put down, but it’s definitely getting better. You only wake up once during the night and once in the early morning. Mommy’s favourite time of the day is in the morning after you feed and we go have family snuggles in mommy and daddy’s bed. Sometimes you fall back asleep and sometimes you’re awake and all smiles.


Taking care of you has been one of the hardest things I’ve learned to do in my life. But with all other hard things in my life I always had lots of questions: is what I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my life? Is learning to do this new task (whatever it was) even worth it in the long term? Is the stress worth it? But with you none of those questions exist, I know this is what I’m meant to do and I love being your mom.


Sunday you light up my life baby girl.

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