Sunday: Four month round-up [August 20-September 19]


4 months! This month is the first time I’ve been really nostalgic about you growing up. When I see pictures of little newborn babies, I can’t help but notice how different you are from them. This month especially, it feels like you grown leaps and bounds!

Hands, hands, hands. This month has been all about learning to control your hands. At the beginning of the month you started chewing on your hands and fingers constantly, and then you started stretching your hands out towards objects. You looked like a little Jedi trying to use the force- using such concentration as you reached out with shaky little hands. But now at the end of the month you can confidently reach and grab things. You pretty much grab anything that comes close to you…and then you have this automatic reflex to try and put in your mouth.

You’ve also become a little daddy’s girl. Last month you would turn your head and look for me anytime you heard my voice (if someone else was holding you), and it made me feel pretty special. But this month was all about the daddy. I swear you have a special little smile you get whenever he walks in the room. You could have the most grumpy day, but as soon as daddy gets home from work you are all smiles and giggles for him. It’s so freaking adorable (but frustrating-c’mon I deserve those smiles too!).


^^This is officially one of my most favourite pictures in the world.

You’ve just started to giggle, and one of the only ways to guarantee getting giggles from you is this really silly (honestly kinda scary) voice that daddy does. So it’s become our bedtime ritual to have daddy play peek-a-boo with you to get you laughing while mommy gets you ready for bed.


We’ve also started supplementing you with formula. This was a hard/emotional decision for mommy…but since we’ve started you are SO much happier and content (unfortunately now you throw-up once in a while ^^). Also you are become a little chunk! You’ve got the perfect buddha belly, leg and elbow rolls, and cabbage patch doll cheeks galore! You’re turning into a rolly polly baby and I LOVE it.


You’re also becoming a lot more content to just play. We can put you in the jolly jumper ^^ which you haven’t quite figured out (you kinda bounce on accident and love it when it happens), or your swing and you’ll stay content for like 10 whole minutes. My whole world has changed haha (I never knew I could accomplish so much in 10 minutes).


^^Mommy and daddy’s desperate attempt to get you to entertain yourself so we could sleep a few more minutes Saturday morning haha

Since you’re reaching and chewing on things you can kinda play by yourself, but not for long. You love interacting with people too much. You are a cooing machine and just love to catch people’s eyes and then give them a big soundless, gummy smiles. It melts hearts. You and I spend a lot of time grabbing toys and practicing rolling over (I kinda help you half-way and let you figure it out the rest of the way). You’ve started to show interest in books, you mostly like the bright pictures and the sounds of mommy’s voice. As long as I’m talking and the pictures are colourful enough, you’re happy.


^^ You’ve FINALLY started falling asleep on my shoulder…this is what my snuggly-baby dreams were made of! Often in the afternoons we’ll dance to music as you get sleepy and you’ll just fall asleep on me. It makes my momma heart so stinking happy. Please never stop snuggling me, k thanks.


^^Daddy trying to convince a playful baby it’s nap time


^^Taking you out for lunch. Everywhere I take you people comment on your big blue eyes and your chunky cheeks. Anyone that knows both your dad and I tell me how much you look like your daddy.

^^This particular afternoon we were justing hanging out on the couch, when I looked down at you and you just had the sweetest look on your face, like you were studying my face. Suddenly, you broke into these sweet little smiles. You are so observant, always studying and curious about what’s going on in the world around you. I can’t wait to see how that translates into your personality as you get older. I just love your little spirit so much.


Your auntie Jenna left for university for the first time this month. So she came and stayed with us overnight so she could get in some extra Sunday-snuggles before leaving. You were so sweet and snuggled her all weekend. It’s like you knew she needed enough snuggles to last till Christmas.


Also grandma and grandma Smith bought you a new puppy…that’s stays at their house…that mommy and daddy don’t have to take care of. Just kidding, they bought it for your auntie Kaila, but you and Ollie are going to grow up together, so we had to take a picture of the first time you met!

^^The monthly round of sleeping pictures. I’m learning to be more selective…the cutest thing you’ve started doing is breaking out of your swaddle and sleeping with your hands above your head. It’s so cute (but hard to get a picture of since the room is usually dark lol)


^^Ah, your little profile in this picture kills me, your perfect little nose with your big eyes and long eyelashes. You’re so beautiful and perfect Sunday.

This month you’ve developed and learned so many new things- it’s crazy to think what the next month will bring. My heart aches thinking about you growing, but also I get excited thinking about getting to know you even better and coming to love you even more (as if that’s even possible). Happy 4 months baby girl!



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