It takes a village

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything other than updates on Sunday. Which letsbehonest…she is my whole world (and my entire camera roll) now so that’s a pretty accurate reflection on our day-to-day life. But also this whole new role in life- one of a mother- has given me lots to think about. So I’ll attempt at forming some of those thoughts into a post.

img_6086There is a lot about motherhood that you just can’t prepare for. One of those things that has shocked me the most, is this sense of being a part of a sisterhood. I’ve never felt like one of those *rah rah women* kind of people. It’s not that I’m against it…I just never felt passionate about celebrating being a woman…I just kinda figured it’s a fact of life. However, since having Sunday I feel like I’ve learned a lot about being a woman. My body literally has done things my husband’s can’t. I have instincts and feelings that Tanner just doesn’t relate to. It’s not that he’s unsupportive…it’s just that we’re different, us men and women folk.

Ever since becoming a mom, I have this new respect for women. Whenever I see a mom in the grocery store with 4 kids (or even just 2 for that matter) I just want to give her a high five and tell her she’s a rock star. Seriously…having one has been a crazy journey for me. One of the most wonderful things I’ve experienced since becoming a mother is the support from other women. When we first came home from the hospital and I had no clue how I was going to take care of a little person, let alone get off the couch next time I needed to go to the bathroom (or go to the bathroom for that matter haha…ah post-pregnancy life is treacherous for a few weeks there). But then my mom came and stayed for a week, and my mother in law dropped in with food, and friends texted and asked when they could drop off a meal or drop in and hold the baby so I could sleep. And all of the sudden, I was doing it…I was being a mother. Just not alone.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I’m grateful for the village that helped me become a mother. Not that I’m done becoming, but I’m past the first scary bit. So here’s my rah rah women babbling- thanks for taking care of me fellow women. Thanks for the tricks-of-the-trade, the reassurances, and the hand-holding. I promise to pass it on, if not to other mothers , at least to my own precious woman-in-the-making. The love and support has not gone unnoticed.


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