turning 27.

I’m a dreamer and a planner. I like knowing what’s coming in the future, and as soon as I reach a new stage, I’ve always quickly moved onto thinking about what comes next. This has positives and negatives. On the positive, I’m good at planning for the future. I didn’t realize this was a strength until I got married and realized that not everyone thinks six-months in advance like I do haha. On the flip side, sometimes I forget to just sit and enjoy the moment.

That is until Sunday came into our lives. Every day feels like it’s only little adventure. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have the energy to think that far in advance, or if my brain just doesn’t need to anymore, but I love just living in the moment with our little girl.

Looking back on this year, I realize I spent a lot of it looking forward. Looking forward to the days morning sickness was gone, looking forward to when I could finally go on mat-leave, looking forward to the day when Sunday finally arrived. Then this summer was just full of surviving day-to-day; reconfiguring our lives to work as a family of three. Now I feel like I’m in this happy space- where motherhood feels routine and I don’t need to look any further than the next nap. Every day feels so much more full and meaningful. Twenty-six has been a good year, an amazing year, my life was changed forever.

Twenty-seven has so much promise to be wonderful, all thanks to one little girl who has changed my world and a husband who continually loves and supports me. I’m so grateful for the beautiful life God has blessed me with. I intend to savour every day of this coming year. Can’t wait to see what awaits me, 27.


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