Counting my blessings//Thanksgiving 2016

I am grateful for a year that was dedicated to growing a tiny human. For those people who helped us feel special about welcoming our first, even though when you look around you realize that having a baby is a very common miracle. I am grateful for our baby’s grandmas helping me nest and shop so everything was perfect to welcome our little girl.

I’m grateful for a body that could carry a baby. For the medical professionals that knew what they were doing when my own body felt so foreign. I’m grateful for modern medicine, and that at the end of labor and delivery baby and I were healthy. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a mother.

I’m grateful for a home that at the end of the day feels cozy. For the walls covered in family pictures. For the extra storage space, good landlords, and the natural light this home has to offer. I am also grateful for the stage we’re in and the exciting possibility of having our own home in the near future- it’s so fun to dream and plan together.

I’m grateful for where we live. That we enjoy peace and safety. I’m grateful for the beauty that surrounds us in this part of the world- the trees, the lakes, the never-ending space.

I’m grateful for the testimony I have of God, my Heavenly Father, and his son Jesus Christ. I’m grateful for a husband that shares in my beliefs. I’m grateful for the spirit this testimony brings into our home. I’m grateful for the principle of repentance and that I can continually try to be a better mother and wife. I’m grateful for the principle of forever families- for now I get a sharp pain in my chest when I think of being separated from my little family. I’m grateful for His gospel.

I’m grateful for family. Our extended families who love us, support us, and have given us so many opportunities. I’m grateful to live close to family so I can watch our little girl bask in their love. I’m grateful for good parents, and my husband’s parents, who have modelled parenthood in a way worth emulating as we raise the next generation.

I’m grateful for my best friend. That we can share every up and down of life together. He has held my hand through literally the most difficult and most beautiful moments of life this year. I’m grateful for the satisfaction we get from building our little life together. I’m grateful for how hard he works to support our little family. I’m grateful for the opportunity I get to watch him and our daughter bond. I’m grateful for love that grows more every day.


I’m grateful for two big blue eyes that look at me with complete trust. I’m grateful for the weight of a little baby in my arms as she falls asleep. I’m grateful for baby giggles and noises that fill our home with so much happiness. I’m grateful for the long days I get to stay at home with our baby. I’m grateful for the opportunity to rediscover the world through her eyes. I’m even grateful for the unexplained crying, late nights, and poopy diapers- because for years I’ve prayed for this opportunity.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving…a few days late.

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