We got a camera!


This year for our birthdays (T and I’s birthdays are just a month apart) we decided to buy a DSLR. Already with just our cell phones we have more pictures and videos of Sunday than of our childhoods combined, but we just felt the parental duty to make sure we document her childhood in the highest quality possible haha.


^^ first picture taken on the camera


When deciding to make this purchase I could tell T was sacrificing his birthday for me. I’ve wanted a camera for a while, but didn’t really have a reason to justify the cost. Now that the most beautiful baby in the entire world has joined our family, we had every reason.dsc_0493

Luckily Tanner has been having just as much as I have taking pictures of Sunday. I mean really…how could you not with that little face!dsc_0323

Sorry Sunday, there will not be a moment in your life that will go undocumented. Do I thank the heavens that there is little documentation of my brushed out perm-glasses-prebraces self? yes! will we document every moment of your life- even the awkward ones? yes! sorry baby…just a burden your generation will have to bear.dsc_0177


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