Sunday: Five month round-up [September 20-October 19]

img_6213img_62145 months! 5 months!? My brain cannot comprehend how we’re here already. This month you have changed sooooo much. Most noticeably, you have become a little chunk! Seriously, people at church tell me all the time how you’re finally “filling out” haha. At the beginning of this month you were just starting to fit into your 3 month outfits, now you’re almost too big for your 3-6 month outfits. It’s like you decided to catch up…and then just keep growing.

You’ve continued to be a little drool monster and usually go through 2-4 bibs a day, depending on how diligent I am about keeping you dry. A shirt change is also often required half-way through the day. If we forget to put a bib on you in between getting you into pyjamas and putting you down for the night (usually a maximum of 30 minutes) you are absolutely drenched and we have to change you again. I keep waiting for you to start teething with all this drool…but no signs of teeth yet. Also, you pretty much munch on your fingers constantly.


You’ve also finally gained some independence and LOVE your exercauser. After hating the swing, the playmat, and your bassinet- it’s been really nice to finally the find the right contraption that will keep you entertained haha. It’s so fun to watch you play and discover all on your own.

You are my little buddy. You and I have been going to a stroller fit class, a mommy and baby hiking class, and a nursery rhyme/singing group for babies. It’s fun doing things with you and meeting other moms/babies. You love watching all the busyness around you and talking to and smiling at the other babies. I swear we have to leave the house at least once a day or you get bored…I think you’re a little extrovert in the making.


Last month was all about discovering your hands- this month you love your feet. One day you started to stare at them and concentrate really the hard…and the next day you were reaching for them! Pretty much anytime you’re on your back you’re grabbing for you toes. It makes diaper changes/outfit changes a fun challenge…but also so adorable. Sometimes I put socks on you when you’re fussy because I know pulling them off will entertain you for the next 20 min…


You’ve finally started to get into some sort of a sleep routine. You take a nap almost exactly two hours after you wake up (which is anytime between 6:30-7:30). Then you’re usually up until you nap around 1pm. You usually take a cat nap in the afternoon and maybe another one around dinner time. Sometimes we skip the dinner cat nap and keep you up till bed time (around 8 pm) so you’ll actually go to bed. You usually only get up once in the night to eat around 2am. This routine is really nice for me- we can plan our days a little better. Also, you’ve gotten pretty good at just letting me put you down to sleep when you’re still drowsy and not completely asleep. Sometimes those toes are just too tempting and you just can’t fall asleep because you’re too busy playing…then I have to come in and rock you for a few minutes till you’re a bit more drowsy. The best part is now you barely even cry when you wake up- I usually just start to hear little noises and I look on the monitor and you’re just hanging out…playing with your toes. Even in the middle of the night! And when we walk in your room and peak over the crib you’re usually waiting with a big grin on your face. It’s adorable.

Phew…that was more details about your sleep than anyone else in the world cares about…it’s just a really big deal for me haha. ANYWAYS…all this talk of sleep reminds me to post your monthly round of sleeping pictures…

This month was full of firsts as well:

Your first time watching general conference (you were surprisingly well behaved…)

Your first time celebrating mommy’s birthday

Your first Thanksgiving (at grandma and grandpa Smith’s house)


Your first time seeing…and tasting..fall


aaaand your first pumpkin patch (the same pumpkin patch we took pictures at to announce we were pregnant with you!)


This month has seriously been so much fun. You are so interactive. You watch people constantly, and as soon as someone catches your eye you break out in a big, gummy grin. You play with toys (if shoving things in your mouth counts as play) and when we read books together you get this little smile on your face and then turn your head to watch me while I read to you- you barely even look at the book haha. You laugh…but only when we scare you! I swear you’re going to be a little adrenaline junky.You’re so good with your hands- instead of just automatically shoving everything into your mouth, you actually hold items and study them and can pass them from hand to hand…then you shove whatever you’re holding into your mouth. You reach for things with eager, outstretched little fingers. You’ve started using your hands to hold my face- it’s just about the sweetest thing in the world. Your favourite part of the day is when daddy comes home from work…you’re instantly all smiles for him! You love it when daddy lifts you high into the air. You love Grandma and Grandpa’s puppy- and are always trying to reach for him. You are a little milk monster and your chunky thighs are to die for. You are starting to talk (more like yell) at your toys- especially when they have the audacity to not fit into your mouth. You’re doing this cute thing with your mouth where you suck your bottom lip in and then try and blow out- I think you’re trying to blow a raspberry but instead it turns into a big, slobbery mess haha. You always want to be by my side- even if it’s just in your exerciser right next to me while I do the dishes- and then you just sit and wait to catch my eye so you can give me a big smile. You just have so much personality, I can’t get enough of it.

You are such a happy baby! Happy 5 months my sweet little Sunday.


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