dsc_0789This past Saturday the sun was shining, and we knew that this could be one of our last good Saturdays of the season. We decided to spend time outside and get lost in a local corn maze.

dsc_0842dsc_0819This was the first time I’ve ever carried Sunday on my back. I could tell her body was placed weird and felt like she was falling out the top, but Tanner kept saying she looked fine. Halfway through the maze I switched her to the front because it felt so funny. It wasn’t till we got home and I was looking through our pictures I noticed her arms were up and over the top of the carrier (we’re obviously newbies)…poor baby girl was literally falling out the top. I guess we’re lucky no one in the maze called child services on us…


Sunday was acting so tired (we purposely went during her nap time hoping she would fall asleep in the carrier), but all it resulted in was her looking drowsy in every picture…so naturally as parents it was our duty to imitate her.^^


Mauling our baby…sorry Sunday, you can’t escape us.


We had a lot of fun with our camera practicing with the different settings and trying to not use it in auto. It resulted in a lot of bad pictures-the lighting in the maze was tricky- and we’re learning lighting is everything. But it was fun to play.

dsc_0909I was practicing with the settings…Tanner’s reaction was “Ew” and then named it “corn hair by Courtney”


So we’ll call this one “Silo” by Tanner haha.

dsc_0916Frolicking through the (empty) pumpkin patch (Sunday had finally fallen asleep so we’re trying to kill time before getting back in the car).

dsc_0931I feel pretty legit that we a got a selfie using a  real camera…must’ve been how people did it in the olden days 😉



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