Halloween 2016// Sunday’s first Halloween + Family Harry Potter costume


There was so much pressure to make this the best Halloween ever….I mean this was Sunday’s first Halloween! But then I’d remember, she won’t remember a thing haha. It was more like my first Halloween (and it was…as a mom 😉 ). After a weekend of festivities, I was exhausted. I’ll start mentally preparing for Christmas now..

All in all it was worth it. Tanner and I hosted a Halloween party at the church (our apartment can’t handle more than two visitors at a time haha) for a bunch of the other young couples in the two wards here in town, we watched Halloweeny movies (cough cough Harry Potter cough cough), I took Sunday to the mall to go trick-or-treating aka I went trick-or-treating, and we dressed up as Ron, Hermione, and Doby.

img_6304Sorry Sunday, someday when you andyour friends compare their first Halloween costume, they will have pictures as cute, fuzzy animals. You…were Doby. Hopefully you appreciate your mother’s approach to the holidays haha. Anyways…you were the cutest Doby ever, and its never to early to teach you to pitch in the with the chores ;).

Anyways…the pictures!


^^ I had fun planning and decorating for our little get together. Also, I can’t wait to show you and your little friends that picture of you all lined up in about 15 years…

^^Daddy introducing you to a pumpkin


^^It’s so hard not to share every single picture of you ever taken- your face is so adorable and expressive in every single one.


^^Naturally we had to give Doby a sock to play with


^^This was such a fun age to experience Halloween with. You’re so curious and couldn’t quite figure out quite what was going on- but you loved staring and exploring. The best was you couldn’t figure why all the other babies were dressed funny at our different play groups (I don’t think you had any idea what you looked like), so lots of times you would just stare at them, study them for a while…and then let out a little giggle.


Happy Halloween my little Doby.

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