Sunday: Six month round-up [October 20- November 19]



You’ve officially been a part of our family for 1/2 a year. The other day your dad and I were talking about how strange it is we used to not know what your face looks like. I feel like I can’t remember a time I didn’t know you, it just feels so right you’re a part of our family.


I probably say this every month..but it’s crazy to watch you change and develop so much! You came out of the womb with personality, but this month I feel like we’ve just watched it develop so much! You laugh spontaneously, you are scared of loud noises (I can no longer vacuum unless daddy is home to hold you), you squeal with delight when I walk in the room, you love talking to and reaching for other babies, you resist any sort of snuggling, and you are SO happy 99% of the time!

You have so many new “tricks” this month. You try really hard to imitate us when we blow raspberries. Once in a while it works, but mostly you just stare at us with a really concentrated face and blow out a little puff of air. It’s the cutest…

img_6231You can’t scoot around yet, but you can pivot on your belly in a circle. You lift your legs and arms up and flail them wildly…and somehow you do a 360 in about 10 min of repeating this motion haha.

You’re so good at sitting up. Well…you’re really good…until your not. You sit just long enough for me to think you’re good, and as soon as I turn my back you fall. So you sit surrounded by pillows, and we spend a lot of time hanging out on the floor. It’s fun to see how happy being independent makes you. You love being able to play and see the world without being held.

You’re really starting to interact with your toys. You squeal and laugh at them. You’re also starting to love little details- like this puppy, you inspect every little hair and hold them between your little fingers. You also love zippers, drawstrings on hoodies, and mommy’s hair.

You celebrated daddy’s birthday for the first time. You especially loved his present’s box….now we know what to get you for Christmas!


It’s been a very warm fall…which we try and take advantage of as much as possible. Mommy goes hiking with you at least once a week, and when we can we go for hikes with daddy on the weekends.



You’re the cutest little bundle on daddy’s back! You are amazingly well behaved when we’re out hiking- I have yet to have you cry or be grumpy. You usually inspect what’s going on for the first little while, and then eventually fall asleep.

The two things people comment on when we’re out and about are your big blue eyes, and your cheeks! Well, until you catch their eye and give them a huge grin…then they comment on what a happy baby you are. It makes my heart swell every time a stranger notices how beautiful and special you are.


We started feeding you solids this month. So far you’ve had pears, bananas, carrots, and rice cereal. You make the funniest little face when you first try food. You look mostly disgusted…but then you suck the food back and grab the spoon so I guess it can be that bad.


You seriously hate snuggling…like resist it with your entire body. But once in a while when you’re reeeeally tired, you’ll relax into the nook of my arm. I try and soak in every minute of it because I figure if you won’t snuggle now, I don’t stand a chance when you’re older.

These two next pictures are my favourite pictures in the world right now. I just feel like they capture your personality so perfectly.


I can’t get over how absolutely perfect and beautiful you are. Every day when your dad comes home I tell him about every little thing you did that day. I don’t know if it’s a first time mom thing, or just a mom thing, but every discovery and new skill you develop is so fun to watch.

Have a I mentioned how I can’t get over that your six months old already? I remember when you were three months old looking at nine month old babies thinking they were so huge and you would never be that big…but here you are in nine month clothes, and your birthday doesn’t feel so far away. I love what being a mother has done to time: before I used to feel so anxious about time, always looking forward to some next event. But you force me to live in the moment- literally having to focus on your needs moment to moment. Sometimes this makes the days feel so long, yet looking back every day is so full. I don’t know how else to describe it, they are just full of living. And somehow here we are six months later, after focusing on moment to moment, and the months have flown by.


Happy six months my little chunk, I thank God every single day you’re in our lives.


PS. Taking your monthly pictures is getting more difficult haha


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