We’re pregnant!…again

It’s a little embarrassing how long its been since I’ve blogged (sorry Sunday, I’m 3 months behind on your monthly updates…). But I have a pretty legit excuse…


Baby Sherwood #2 is on his or her way! Official due date is August 12th and we’re so excited! Sunday of course has no clue why her mom has been a useless lump on the couch for 3 months…but I’m 15 weeks now and I think I’m getting a little of my energy back/ the nausea is subsiding little by little. SO I have grand plans to catch up on the blog and you know, achieve every other goal I’ve ever set for myself before becoming a mother of 2 littles haha. We’ll see what ends up actually getting done.

Anyways, we’re so excited to meet our new little one, but also I’m trying to just soak up these months of just Sunday and Mommy time. So many feelings and emotions come with baby number 2- but I’ll ramble about that another time. We can’t wait to meet you little one (or Monday as you’re affectionally being called for now 😉 )


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